1.20 “There’s More Than One Of Everything” Fringie of the Season – Results

"Agent Dunham! You'll never guess..we've won 1000 Slurpees!!"

Congratulations to Walter Bishop for winning the final Fringie of the Week contest with a 38% victory for “There’s More Than One Of Everything”. This victory means that he draws parity with Olivia Dunham in the overall standings, as such they both SHARE the prestigious FRINGIE(S) OF THE SEASON AWARD for Season 1! Congrats to Walter and Olivia (and John Noble and Anna Torv) in being the fans choice for 2008/09.

Here’s the overall league table (bear in mind there was a draw in there):

  1. Olivia Dunham / Walter Bishop (7 wins each) – CHAMPIONS!!
  2. Peter Bishop (6 wins) 2ND PLACE
  3. The Observer/Meegar’s Mom/ The Child (1 win each) 3RD PLACE

It’s amazing how far Olivia has come in the eyes of fans. She was nowhere in this contest at the start of the year, but a succession of Cortexhiphan-enhanced performances seem to have closed the gap with Walter. Credit to Walt for sustaining his appeal. Peter was unlucky to miss out – at one point it looked as if he was going to take victory, but it just goes to show the fine lines we’re dealing with.

Thanks to everyone who voted, it was fun to see how opinions changed according to the episode — for the most part I agreed with the weekly outcomes. All things being well FB will do this again next season. Also, we’ll have our Season 1 Fringe Awards during the hiatus, so those of you who would have preferred a different outcome to this contest will have an alternate chance to vote for your favorites in the end of season event.


  1. playe says

    Of course, peter gets shafted yet again. Nobody appreciates his character all because the writers do not care about his character. thanks writers!

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    • Bishop Takes Queen says

      Quick, someone get Peter’s “project” that he made for Walter. We have a broken record here!

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    • Page 48 says

      Apparently, those dastardly writers care more about Peter’s character than Charlie’s. I’m just sayin’.

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  2. linabug says

    And it will be a freaking broken record until Peter gets his own storyline. sorry. you wouldn’t understand how i feel, your character is loved and liked, mine isn’t so shove off.

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  3. Page 48 says

    Brad Caleb Cane addressed the sitch on his Twitter page like this (read entries from bottom to top):

    3) But Josh’s character HAS been underserved, so… maybe THAT’S why. Anyway, that’s what I got…

    2) — and they want to focus more on the three main and their individual stories. Who knows… ?

    1) To all my Fringe-o-philes: I’m hearing Kirk Acevedo was let go b/c the powers-that-be were having trouble serving so many characters —

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