1.18 “Midnight” – Clues & Eastereggs Round-Up

A bit later than normal, but here’s the FringeBloggers clues and eastereggs round-up for 1.18 “Midnight”.

Where’s The Fire?

1.18 Midnight - Clues & Eastereggs

The news ticker reports that a “mysterious fire” has broken out downtown. The next episode “Road Not Taken” focuses heavily on spontaneous human combustion:

Hot Chick

This is surely the “Midnight” clue for the next episode.

Observing The Observer

Midnight - Clues & Eastereggs

The Observer can twice be seen eyeing “captain player” in the club — it’s almost as if he’s circling his prey. Or maybe captain player is just his kind of guy πŸ˜‰

Singles Two-gether

1.18 Midnight - Clues & Eastereggs

This by-product of the “singles together” programme seemed like a random insight into the company that Rachel has been keeping, but since we’re dealing with multiple realities and roads not taken, the term ‘singles together’, might have further meaning.


1.18 Midnight - Clues & Eastereggs

Color thematics have been recycled throughout the season. None different in “Midnight”, where the red, yellow, blue poster was a shout-out to the previous episode color theme (inset).

That’s your lot for now..until next time.


  1. Mr.E says

    For me seeing the Observer twice really stood out. I thought at first that maybe is was a big blooper that happen to get by, but with the road not taken episode I wonder if we got a slight glimpse into another universe. One where the gentlemen goes home with the first woman instead and thus avoided his counterparts fate. Perhaps it was meant as a clue to how the observer…well observes. There seems to be so many possabilities. To many to write here at least lol.

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  2. says

    It’s interesting..eventually it might be useful to go back and analyse his observations and the nature of them. As you said, this one stood out because he was seen twice. It kind of reminded me of “Power Hungry”, when he directly ‘eyeballed’ Joseph Meegar moments before he fell to his death.

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  3. 3ndo says

    This will be obvious to Lost fans but Nicholas’ and Valerie’s surname Boone, is a reference to the character Boone Carlyle (played by Ian Somerhalder).

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