1.16 – “Unleashed” – Walter’s Lab Notes

Walter's Lab Notes -- "Unleashed"

Walter Bishop has shared his thoughts on the latest beastly goings-on in Boston (click above image to make big). Here are some of my observations on his explorations:

  • Walter reflects on his past work (“Radical Transgenics”) and says that he sees himself “through a glass darkly” – looking at the works of  his past self, removed from the (somewhat) redemptive scientist we see today.
  • He talks to this past self, who speaks back — represented by the upper case type. His past self (or “Alter-Walter”) berates Walter for feeling a sense of remorse for ‘their’ past creations. He argues that man has a right, nay, a purpose in “playing God”.
  • Walter blames himself and acknowledges the intent with which his hand played in creating the beasts. He quotes Nietzsche“Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you”. A poignant quote warning of the drive to gain power (or perfection) at the expense of the self.

  • Walter’s Alter calls their work as a ‘noble pursuit of truth’. Walter says that he must stop the beast, and figures he can lure it into ingesting the poison (revealing that these notes are supposedly written before Walter killed the beast. One wonders what his innermost thoughts are post-beast-slaying?)
  • The elevated “y” is present again — Walter continues to use his old typewriter (“Ability”).
  • Some of Walter’s previous ‘hybrid’ exploration notes are also present. Of note, they reveal past Walter’s thinking (no elevated “y’s” in these notes) as he attempted to work his way around the roadblocks that he encountered in hatching live hybrids. It appears that his investigations led him to using  different species as surrogate hosts — the Loxodonta Africana (African Bush Elephant) – its longer gestation period giving Walter hope that it would reduce incompatibility issues. The remainder of these notes are obscured by drawings of some kind of shark/eel and snake/scorpion hybrid (feel free to let me know if I’m mistaken, it’s only a guess)
  • Other explorations notes are also obscured or cut off. However one interesting remark is observable: “to slap a tiger paw on a goose would be absurd, but to change an eagles talons that it is more efficient at slashing would be an engineered step toward perfection”. This reinforces the idea that as controversial as Walter’s engineering was, it wasn’t just a case of creating ‘designer creatures’ (although clearly he wanted to test the limits), but his philosophy seemed geared towards tweaking animals so that their features might be more effective and efficient. Again, still controversial. Again, makes me wonder about Peter.
  • A green liquid is present on the notes – not sure what it is, might be the cure that he took to rid himself of the poison?
  • Another piece of the red spiral is present – that’s the third since “Ability”. I’ll just take a stab and say that together they make up the Fibonacci spiral?

UPDATE – 4/19/09:

Here are the 3 mystery pieces on the same base – I haven’t had much time to make them into a discernable ‘whole’:

Pieces from Walter's Lab NotesI suspect that some of the pieces might need to be ‘mirrored’ or rescaled. We should have another 4 pieces to gather, so maybe it will begin to take shape once we get the next piece?

Discounting my rushed effort above, I still reckon it could turn out to be a Fib. spiral, or perhaps Walter’s own ‘twist’ on a Fib. spiral.


  1. says

    Good shout. Spider crossed my mind but then I thought “surely not!?” 😀

    I think that Alter-Walter is his past self — although he could be Walter’s future..or alternate (reality) self..

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  2. takingbarcelona says

    i’ve been following much of the Fringe things floating around, but your solid theories of other dimensions and alter-Bishops is intriguing. If possible, could you cut out the red/grey/blue images and put them together?

    I’m not asking you to find any order to them, but it’d be really helpful if we could see them together at once.

    happy fringing!

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  3. says

    Sure thing! I’ve updated the post above — bear in mind it is a very rushed effort, just to give an idea of the 3 images together.

    I’ll probably play around with them when I have more time. If anyone has any ideas/tips feel free to let us know!

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