1.16 “Unleashed” – Fringie of the Week

1.16 Unleashed - Fringie of the Week

It’s time to vote for your favourite character performance from episode 1.16 — “Unleashed”!

Did Olivia leave you feeling optimistic? Maybe Peter left you primed? Perhaps Walter had you whooping? Or did Astrid leave you feeling Astronomical? So many Fringies, and just 5 days to vote for your favourite from ep.1.16!

*Note: Several of you have contacted us saying that you’ve been having trouble voting using the sidebar polls — we’ve discovered that this is due to a conflict with the poll widget and our current theme. So, we’re going to try out this new poll system instead. There’s no difference, except that  everyone should now be able to cast their votes via the sidebar as well as the post!

*This poll will close Tuesday 21 April

Here are the standings prior to the “Unleashed” results:

  1. Peter Bishop (6 wins)
  2. Walter Bishop (5 wins)
  3. Olivia Dunham (4 wins)
  4. The Observer/Meegar’s Mom/ The Child (1 win each)


  1. Dragoon says

    I would of voted for the monster, But I think that Charlie was better, After all, he didn’t go around attacking my favorite character and almost making one of my favorites suicide D=

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