1.16 “Unleashed” – Clues & Eastereggs Round-Up

Here’s our Clues and Eastereggs round-up for episode 1.16 “Unleashed”.

Who Blue They Would Die?

1.16 Unleashed - Clues & Eastereggs

After an episode absence, the blue lights reappeared in magnificent glory. The mysterious flashes can fleetingly be seen after the monster flips the activists car off the road. I guess this was a semi-Pattern-event, since it delved into Walter’s past. But don’t forget the blue lights have also appeared during other stand-alone episodes, such as “The No Brainer”, where they were VERY prevalent. What does this mean, you ask? It means that we are yet to understand the full nature of these strange occurrences — although I have a few ideas. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The complete list of this seasons blue flashes are listed here.

Bare Faced Bear

1.16 Unleashed - Clues & Eastereggs

Olivia reads the children’s story, “Burlap Bear” by Tomas Christensen, to Ella. Unlike “What’s That Noise”, this latest Olivia/Ella favourite seems to be aย  story made-up for the show. I can’t think of any reason to do that unless the writers REALLY couldn’t find a children’s book that involved monsters and beasts. Or we could infer that the story holds some actual meaning — perhaps it will form the ‘next episode clue’ for 1.17?

Maybe we should be focusing on the meaning of “Burlap”. One inference is woven fabric. Because Olivia is so going to do some knitting in the next episode: “No, no Charlie, you go off into the heart of darkness today. You did such a great job last time round. I’ll just sit here and get my knit-on”. Nah, don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

Burlap is also an XML based protocol for connecting web services. Well, we’ve seen Olivia experience computers magically turning on…yeah, I’m digging far too deep, I’ll climb outta this rabbit hole now..

“A” Is For Activists (And Astrid, Walter)

Unleashed - Clues & Eastereggs Round-UpAlthough this “A” is obviously the first letter of the activist group “Animals First”, it did remind me of the other “A’s” that are littered throughout the season. See here (ep. 1.01/1.06), here (ep. 1.12) and here (ep. 1.13) for a refresher.

Marching To The Beat Of Our Own Drum

Unleashed - Clues & EastereggsA more likely candidate for the ‘next episode clue’ is theย  “The Night Marchers” poster seen above (compare with inset). The Night Marchers are an alternative rock band formed in 2007.

As a cheeky aside, one of the band members used to be in a group called the “Hot Snakes” — clearly transgenics also exists in the music industry. What do we call that, Mu-genics? No? Okay then..

Here’s where I think the reference kicks in though, and it requires a bit of lateral thinking – The poster might not be a direct reference to the rock band, but could get its meaning from the mythical Hawaiian Night Marchers:

Night Marchers are ghostly apparitions of a band of beings who move with purpose to the beat of primitive pounding drums. Some say they are armed spirit warriors en route to or from battle, toting archaic weaponry and clothed in decorated helmets and cloaks. Other accounts tell of high-ranking alii (ruler) spirits being guided to places of high importance or to welcome new warriors to join in battle. Perhaps these restless souls are looking to reclaim rightful territory, replay a battle gone awry, or avenge their own deaths. Some say the Night Marchers are searching methodically for an entrance into the next world.

References to “warriors”, “spirits” and the “next world” seals the deal for me. We’ll soon know if we’re right.

Jack Of All Trades?

Unleashed - Clues & Eastereggs

This is probably nothing, but this strange painting instantly reminded me of the Swan Hatch mural from “Lost”:

Swan Hatch Mural from "LOST" :)Now I don’t for one minute believe that they are related OR that the Fringe painting holds one iota of the clue-fest that the “Lost” mural held (even though most of them have seemingly come to nothing. But heck, it was fun at the time, right, Lost fans?). I do wonder though, did “Lost” exec/producer Jack Bender get his paint kit out again? (since he painted the Swan hatch mural).

Yeah, much a-do about nothing, but if JJ. can give shout-outs to his other shows, then I can give shout-outs to my favourite shows. Wait..there’s something wonderfully cyclical about that..

Red Peril

Last weeks episode featured copious amounts of yellow. This week red proves that it’s not dead – it’s all over this episode like Bad Robot on genre. A thematic coincidence? No way! Colors play a massive role in life, mood and perception – it may even have helped to shape your opinion of this episode? And why do you think there’s hardly any ‘yellow’ here on FringeBloggers? Cortexiphan kids have bad feelings about the color yellow..reminds us of medicine :( *turns computer off with mind*

As an aside, the idea that monster would take to the jungle gym is probably due to the fact that it resembled a sewer. The gym was its haven above ground, I guess. As a further aside, notice the continuity error when the mother grabs the young child from the tunnel — they try to make out that there’s an opening to the boy’s left (where the monster is supposedly approaching from), but there’s clearly only one opening at the end of the tunnel. You might have to rewatch that scene to get what I mean. Episode is up on Fox On Demand.

Play God & You Will Lose

Unleashed -- Clues & Eastereggs Round-UpAs we predicted last time round, the “Inner Child” episode clue for “Unleashed” was the griffin tattoo on the arm of the Artist’s first victim. The Griffin is a mythological creature comprised of an Eagle and a Lion — in many respects it is a suiting metaphor for the transgenic beast, comprised of a Lion, Snake, Octopus, Wasp, Bat (and God knows what else), that we saw in “Unleashed”.

Observing The Observer

1.16 Unleashed - Clues & Eastereggs

The Observer makes his weekly appearance in the news report.

Kelvin Genetics

1.16 Unleashed - Clues & Eastereggs

Not an ‘Easteregg’ as such, but any mention of Kelvin Genetics should be noted, as I believe they will play a bigger part in exploring Walter’s past next season (we do have a ‘next season’, don’t we Fox?). In the episode we see some FBI files on a few of their former employees — all of whom supposedly worked with Bishop and Bell (look a bit young don’t they?), and all of whom are now in the Private Sector. Coincidence? Doubt it. There seems to be an interesting distinction developing between Walter and William — whilst Walter was sent to St. Claire’s, Belly got busy building his corporate army. My burning question is why did Belly decide to go corporate — was it an ambition or a necessity, in his eyes?


Vanamburgh's Menagerie

Prior to confronting the monster, Walter remembers a song he used to sing to his pet dog, Rufus. That song is Van Amburghs Menagerie, which is about a travelling zoo. (Menagerie is an historic term for a zoological garden). Here are the lyrics to the song:

Van Amburgh is the man, who goes to all the shows
He goes into the lion’s cage, and tells you all he knows;
He sticks his head in the lion’s mouth, and keeps it there a-while,
And when he pulls it out again, he greets you with a smile.

The elephant goes around, The band begins to play,
The boys around the monkey’s cage had better get out of the way.

First comes the African Polar Bear, oft called the Iceberg’s Daughter,
She eats three cakes of ice per day then calls for soda water;
She wades in the water up to her knees, not fearing any harm,
You may growl and grumble as much as you please, and she don’t give a “darn.”


That Hyena in the next cage, most terrible to relate,
Got awful hungry the other day, and ate up his female mate;
He’s a very ferocious beast, don’t go near him little boys,
For when he’s angry he shakes his tail, and makes this awful noise.
(imitate growling)


Next comes the Anaconda Boa Constrictor, oft called Anaconda for brevity,
He’s known throughout the whole wide world for his age and great longevity;
He can swallow himself, crawl into himself, and crawl out again with facility,
He can tie himself into a double-bow-knot with his tail, and smile with the greatest facility.


Next comes the Great Vulture, awful bird, from highest mountain’s top,
He’s been known to eat up little girls, and then to lick his chops;
The performance can’t go on, there’s too much noise and confusion,
Ladies don’t feed those monkeys cakes, you’ll ruin their constitutions.

Since “Fringe” is a JJ. Abrams show, it should also be noted that Star Trek (the 1966 version) featured a two-part episode titled “The Menagerie” — the only two-part episode in the original series’ history. This is the latest in a long line of Star Trek references in Fringe.

Monsters Inc.

1.16 Unleashed - Clues & Eastereggs1.16 Unleashed - Clues & Eastereggs

1.16 Unleashed - Clues & Eastereggs

Here are some screencaps of the monster. The bottom cap clearly shows that the creature is a melting pot of different animals — most notable is its Octopus tail (which I believe is also part rattlesnake, judging from the earlier sightings).

Also, it should be at least mentioned, that the tattoos seen on Charlie in this episode are actually Kirk Acevedo’s real tattoos (thanks Internet). They hold no more mysticalย  meaning (to the show) than Matthew Fox’s do to “Lost”.

That’s your lot for now — Until next time!


  1. says

    Nice shout AnaA. Is it this scene: http://www.fringebloggers.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/unee_animalsfirst.jpg

    I prepared it for this segment but in the end I didn’t post it as I leant towards it not being a clue.

    That said, you could be right — it could well spell “ZFT”..or perhaps “Zeno”, even?

    I’m not sure what those activists would be doing spraying ZFT or Zeno on the walls, but we do know that Johnathan’s father had ties with Deglemann..who could well have ties with ZFT or Zeno..

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  2. Fringeling says

    Nice digging on the NIght Watchers stuff! I used to live in Hawaii ——- reading the background on em sent chillz up my spine!

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  3. says

    Thanks dude – I’d like to think that the creators will be ‘lateral’ in their use of some of the ep. clues.

    I’ve never been to Hawaii, but it looks like a beautiful place!

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  4. kawaiiaicat says

    It is a graphic design thing/phonics. The moon is a a sustitute for the letter E. When you sound the words out you get: nightmares

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  5. Erin says

    There’s also a little bit of blue light around 13 minutes into the episode when Olivia is asking Peter about his friendship with Rachel, though it may just be a reflection off something that they didn’t edit out…

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  6. Erin says

    I live (when I’m not in school) in Hawaii, near the Pali lookout, and I used to hear about night marchers as a kid. Apparently, you’re not supposed to look at them if they come traipsing through your bedroom at night, or they’ll take you away with them, and you’ll be forced to march with them for all eternity! Creepy.

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  7. Ricky says

    It has been some time since this episode aired, so I hope this doesn’t spoil anything for anyone, but I’ll purposefully leave my statements as ambiguous as possible.

    That being said, I believe the author’s comment about the book entitled “Burlap Bear” being an allusion to an upcoming episode was correct, but it wasn’t episode 1.17. I believe it was episode 2.05; I’ll say that the “bare face” definitely came into play, but I won’t elaborate in case anyone, such as myself, just started watching the show.

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