1.13 “The Transformation” – Clues & Easteregg Round-Up

Here’s our clues and easteregg round up for episode 1.13 “The Transformation”.

Flight 718

1.13 "The Transformation" - Clues & EE's

718 was the ‘next episode clue’ planted in the previous episode for this episode, “The Transformation”. 718 can be seen on the wall behind Walter, in “No Brainer”, when our heroes visit the car dealership (see inset above). 718 is also the number of the doomed flight at the centre of the ‘pattern event’ in this episode, “Transformation”.

The Key-holder

1.13 "The Transformation" - Clues and EE's

The old wives tale about putting keys on your back to stop a bleeding nose seemed like a throw away line, but was it? Could it have been a little shout-out to Bowman having one of those encryption keys in his hand? Maybe the reference to putting keys on the back is actually a subtle way of reminding us of the ‘importance’ of Olivia’s recent spinaltap – maybe the key to our answer lies there?

As an aside, the old lady made no sense – she enthusiastically suggests that Bowman put keys on his back, and then claims that she tried it herself and that it’s all “bull”. Thinking about this for a minute, perhaps it’s actually the writers way of saying that they are aware of the difference between ‘supserstition’ and fact? But yeah, probably no need to over-think this one..

Observers Are Still Here

Observers are still Here

For those of you wondering; yup, we have been checking, and the “Observers Are Here” clue in the opening titles is still present in each episode title sequence. A few of you had asked us whether it was just for the Pilot, hopefully this answers your questions ๐Ÿ˜€ We’ll keep an eye out just in case one week they decide to plant a different message in there ๐Ÿ˜‰

Quantum Observer

1.13 The Transformation - Clues & EEs

The Observer can be seen standing on the soccer field as flight 718 comes crashing down overhead. He doesn’t hang around though — he’s gone 23 seconds later! Wait, is that one of THE numbers? Don’t look for too much meaning in that number though. I mean, it could easily be 22 seconds.


An object can be seen falling from the plane just before it crashes. Could it be the transformed Marshall Bowman making a desperate escape, or ‘an’ Observer who was on-board the plane? Perhaps it’s an unidentified flying object that was flying beside the plane monitoring events (moogly over at Fringe-Forum has evidence which suggests this is possible), or a shout out to JJ. Abrams Cloverfield, in which an object falls from the sky at the end of the movie? Some folks have said that it’s a CGI glitch, but personally I don’t think that it’s a post production oversight. Let us know if you have any other ideas! More on this easteregg can be found here.

Good to see Blue Again!

1.13 "The Transformation" Clues and EE's

1.13 "The Transformation" Clues and EE's

1.13 "The Transformation" Clues and EE's

The blue lights appeared on two main occasions – when Olivia tapped into John Scott’s memory from his meeting with Daniel Hicks and Marshall Bowman, and they appeared briefly whilst she was fully inside John Scott’s consciousness; when he told her to find Conrad.

This seems to be more evidence that the blue flashes are, on some level, related to observation – be it observation from a first person perspective (in this case, Olivia observing Scott’s memories), or observation from an ‘unseen’ perspective (i.e. another dimension..yeah, I’m not letting that one go ;)).

‘A’ Repeating Theme

1.13 "The Transformation" - Clues and EE's

There were a lot of “A’s” present in this episode. Kinda reminded me of THIS..and THESE. Hmm..

Hand it to Nina

1.13 "The Transformation" - Clues & EE's

Thanks to Page 48 for highlighting this point. Nina Sharp uses her bionic hand to access the biometric door lock. The inset pictures confirm that her right arm is indeed the one that is bionic, and that the employee, who accessed a similar lock in the Pilot episode, also used his right hand to unlock the access code. I’m not sure that this tells us much, except that Nina’s Bionic arm is wired like a real arm. Which suggests that ‘Belly’ has skillz.

As an aside, Nina is still wearing her ruby ring that we’ve seen her wear in previous episodes. Could this be some sort of cult ring, or is a ring just a ring?

As a further aside, Wired have a fascinating video on the developments being made in the field of prosphetic robot arms, that may interest you.

1.13 "The Transformation" - Clues & EE's

That bald headed fella on the monitor behind Olivia looks somewhat like the Observer..quick Olivia, do that lookie over the shoulder thing!!

Catching some Zee’s at the Heartbreak Motel

1.13 "The Transformation" - Clues & EE's

This is possibly the clue for the next episode (1.14). Whilst in John Scott’s memory, Olivia peers out of the window and up at the Motel sign above, where the letters TFZ can just about be seen. Reverse those letters (inset) and they spell out ZFT – which, according to previous episodes, is the name of Dr. David Jones’ group. Could this mean that we’ll be finding out about ZFT in the next episode? I freakin’ hope so!

Also, for reference sake, the ZFT clue wasn’t there in the Pilot episode. So perhaps this says something about observing through the perspective of others? Scotty boy obviously knew a thing or two about these ZFT peeps, methinks.

Robots in Disguise

1.13 "The Transformation" - Clues & EE's

Not a clue, but considering that we saw humans transforming in this episode, hows about a shout-out to the 2007 Transformers movie, written by Fringe’s very own Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman!

Til next time.


  1. LH says

    Prediction (possible spoiler alert):
    Someone, likely Walter, is going to be boinging Astrid’s curls and her wig is going to fall off, revealing that she has been an Observer all along.

    Or do I just like picturing a bald Astrid?

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  2. kawaiiaicat says

    What if the keys on your back also is a hint of what happened to oliva. Maybe she too has one of those disks “growing” inside of her. I think the disks are connected to MD’s HealthRemote line of products. Could this be another way to “observe” people? Why does it seem that bad things happen to the people who have these disk inside their hands? Are these disks an indicator of being expeimented on, and this is the technology to “observe” the progress of the experiments they are conducting?

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    • says


      I’m not sure that they link back to MD though – Olivia and her techies seemed stumped on how to decrypt the one from John Scott.

      That said, we’ve already had it hinted that MD aren’t in ‘control’ of all their subsidiaries. Could some of them be working ‘outside’ of MD’s command?

      I do like the ‘observation’ idea, I think that generally that has potential. But as far as the discs are concerned, I think they are data storage devices containing Intel. on covert groups and cells.

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  3. C9URK says

    wierd connection with fringe transformers and lost this week.
    re: transformers shout out above, if any one watched Lost this week episode the little prince, when jack and kate where in the car outside the motel waiting on the lawyer coming out, when the lawyer is backing out of the parking bay his licence plate reads 4PCI382, which is infact the licence plate of bumble-bee in Transformers movie.

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  4. Michael says

    Regarding “Hand it to Nina” above, biometric scanners would work just fine on a bionic arm/hand. Of course, I cannot speak specifically to this fictional device installed in the fictional super-high-tech firm massive dynamics, but all hand scanners I’ve worked with don’t look at prints of any kind. They biometric hand scanners analyze proportions of hand features. Widths, lengths and sizes play a factor in authentication.

    Being “wired like a real arm” doesn’t really matter to hand scanner biometrics. It could be made of stone; as long as it’s the right shape, it will work.

    There is no reason a biometric scanner wouldn’t work on an artificial limb, as long as that limb doesn’t change. Much like a real hand would fail a biometric scan if a finger was removed, the bionic arm must remain intact and relatively unchanged in order for it to work.

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