1.11 “Bound” – Eastereggs & Clues Round-Up

Here’s the FB Eastereggs and clues for episode 1.11 “Bound”:

Olivia’s so Fly

1.11 "Bound" Eastereggs & Clues

A possible allusion between Walter dosing the caterpillar with LSD and Olivia being spinaltapped. Both the caterpillar and Olivia have experienced hallucinogenic states (both thanks to Walter!). Caterpillars are special because they transform into Butterflies. It’s been hinted throughout the series that Olivia is also special. Could she be about to ‘transform’ into a metaphorical ‘butterfly’ – is that why Jones had her abducted? Did they give her abilities..abilities that will “save” her the next time she experiences a mind-altering state of being? Or perhaps they gave her a flu jab?

More Screen-time

1.11 "Bound" Eastereggs & Clues

Mitchell Loeb’s assistants can be seen monitoring a computer screen similar to those seen in “The Equation” and “Safe” episodes. In those episodes we witnessed Loeb and his gang breaking the laws of physics by moving matter through solid walls. How does this tie into Olivia’s spinaltap? I’m not sure, but as Page 48 suggested, perhaps Olivia is pregnant? Could the computers be monitoring the murmurs of her baby? Incidentally, wouldn’t it be weird if there was a pregnant version of Olivia in another dimension..

An Ample Sample

1.11 "Bound" Eastereggs & Clues

They made sure we caught a good look at the numbers on the sample. It has been suggested that they represent a date range; 03.09.1981 – 2009. Probably irrelevant, but worth bearing in mind perhaps.

The Escapist

1.11 "Bound" Eastereggs & Clues

The words “One Source” can be seen on the truck outside of the facility where Olivia was held. I thought that this could be a ‘next episode clue’, however it appears to be a real life company based in New York.

The next observation related to this sceneΒ  is most likely just a continuity error; as Olivia turns to run down the ally the “one source” truck mysteriously disappears (*update: see here).

Old Bluey

1.11 "Bound" Eastereggs & Clues

The blue lights were present again in this episode. Initially I noticed the artificial blue light from Miles Kinberg’s projector. However, as you can see from the two insets, they also appear as Olivia is being wheeled into the ‘spinaltap room’.

But wait! There were more blue lights!:

1.11 "Bound" Eastereggs & Clues

A classic blue flare briefly appears as the masked Mitchell Loeb approaches Olivia who is strapped to the trolley. This flare seems to be more in-keeping with the more ‘authentic’ blue flares witnessed in previous episodes. I’m still sticking to my theory these blue flares are ‘dimensional indicators’, however wacky that seems.

1.11 "Bound" Eastereggs & Clues

I should also add that the spinaltap scene in general had a lot of artificial blue lighting provided by the fluorescent tubes – perhaps there’s some subtext there? Are ‘the powers that be’ trying to misdirect us by playing down the importance of earlier ‘blue flares’. The obvious artificial lighting in certain scenes could be evidence of this, or perhaps they are giving us more little hints as to the importance of the color blue?

1.11 "Bound" Eastereggs & Clues

Well, more artificial blue lighting can be seen inside the Boston College lecture room (main, inset left) and Fringe Division (inset right).

A Degree in Observation

1.11 Bound - Eastereggs and Clues

The Observer makes his appearance as Olivia meets Peter and Walter outside of Harvard University. One of these days Olivia is going to recognise him – how in the world does he get so close yet remain unseen by she who is good at ‘connecting the pieces’? Maybe Nina was right about Olivia’s minds-eye, maybe she doesn’t see everything quite so clearly..

1.11 "Bound" Eastereggs & Clues

Speaking of not seeing things quite so clearly, do my eyes deceive me or is the Observer present in Kinberg’s lecture (inside red box above)? I didn’t notice anything at first, but after hearing rumours that there was a second Observer sighting in the episode, I noticed someone who could maybe..possibly..but probably not..be ‘him’.

Green, Green, Green, Red!

1.11 "Bound" Eastereggs & Clues

Remember the green, green, green, red sequence from the “Equation” episode,Β  as well as the Zeno kayak, the Observer’s binoculars and Rogue’s hat? They were back in two instances during the lecture scene. They appeared in their sequential form on first slide (shown above). A few seconds later the sequence appears again as the projector rotates the slides (ex. 1, 2,3).

Some fans have suggested that Kinberg’s infested water was switched as the lighting sequence hypnotised everyone in the room – ala “The Equation”. I think that’s unlikely.

Oh No She Didn’t!

1.11 "Bound" Eastereggs & Clues

Peter mimics his father by asking for cheesesteak, in response to this absurdity, Astrid utters a line that will please all clone theorist’s – “Like Father, Like Son”. Are the writers playing with us, or are they really suggesting that Peter is a clone of Walter?

Through the Looking Glass

1.11 "Bound" Eastereggs & Clues

Here’s another one for you clone theorists! Symbolism is sometimes key.

You Can Stand Under My Umbr-Ella, Ella, Ella..

1.11 "Bound" Eastereggs & Clues

Little Ella gives Olivia a Magic 8 fortune-telling ball (main pic & bottom inset). This is a real-life gizmo which supposedly answers any question that the bearer might have (test it out for yourself here!). Interestingly, earlier in the episode Walter insensitively calls Olivia a “question machine” (inset, top), due to the numerous questions that she has about her spinaltap. So if Olivia is a question machine, does that make Ella an answer machine? I think it’s worth seeing how the Ella/Olivia arc plays out over the remainder of the season. Pet theory: Olivia and Ella aren’t just auntie and niece, there’s an even deeper connection between them, I tells ya!

Two Peas in a Pod

1.11 "Bound" Eastereggs & Clues

Speaking of Ella and Olivia, the snoozing pair share the final scene together. Olivia can be seen holding on to Ella’s book – “What’s That Noise” by Thomas Christensen. Disappointingly, this is far from being a “Lost” literary reference of the “Valis” or “Third Policeman” ilk. However, this children’s book may still hold some clues in it’s title. If like me, you suspect that Olivia might be carrying John Scott‘s baby, then you might consider “what’s that noise?” to be an allusion to a foetus forming inside of Olivia’s belly. As speculated, is this what Loeb meant by “saving” Olivia..saving her unborn baby? It’s a long shot but something about that final scene (inset) reminds me of this.

That’s it for now, I’ll be intrigued to see the identity of the ‘episode clue’ for 1.12. There are a few unlikely candidates such as the magic 8 ball and the ‘one source’ reference, but I get the feeling that we’ll have to comb back over this episode to find it!


  1. Mark says

    There’s someone who keeps appearing during the entire episode.
    In the beginning Olivia looks directly at him in the elevator, and in the end he looks directly at her towards the end of the episode.

    The link above shows four of the six sightings with this guy.
    He looks like Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol from Battlestar Galactica).

    Whoever he is, he is uncredited, and unlikely just a stand-in/extra, since there’s a whole wideshot dedicated to him, and he appears too much.

    Who is he?

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  2. Erin says

    What’s that red stain on the side of the building at Harvard? Oxidation? Mold? Paint?

    I’m not saying it’s significant; it just looks kind of creepy.

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  3. Page 48 says

    The role of Ella screams out for a young Dakota Fanning (remember the miniseries “Taken”?) She would be right at home in this sci-fi world of “Fringe”.

    The 8-Ball has to be in play before this Ella arc is over. These things don’t appear for NO reason. As you mention, Walter alluded to it with his ‘question machine’ comment, then Ella gives the ball to Olivia, then Loeb tosses the ball at Olivia. Yeah, the ball is gonna be huge…or not.

    “What’s That Noise?” appears in the promo to tonight’s episode as well, showing up on Ella’s laptop. Innocent product placement? I don’t think so.

    I saw Michael Douglas’s “Don’t Say a Word” the other night. I’ve seen it before, but this time, I couldn’t help but notice Mr. Broyles himself in a bit role as a security dude. I like it when people “turn up” in old movies. I recently saw “Independence Day” for the umpteenth time, but this was the first time that I noticed “Firefly” and “Chuck”s own Adam Baldwin in the cast. It always pays to watch movies twelve times.

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    • says

      “Taken”? How could I forget Taken – a series that started off so well before I lost all interest! Good point though, I totally see Ella as a young(er) Dakota Fanning. She hasn’t done anything of real note so far (except nearly get her brain liquefied), but she’s cutesy and will probably be ‘smart beyond her years’ – I just get that kinda vibe from her.

      “What’s That Noise?” – it seems that this was the episode clue for “No Brainer”. There goes the Olivia pregancy story-arc. Or does it!? πŸ˜€

      Ah, I grew closer to Broyles in the episode. He’s really got Olivia’s back. That said, I’m surprised that Broyles and Harris were ever ‘friends’. Clearly they are divided by ethics – why did Broyles ever take his side over the sexual assult case? Unless he genuinely believed that Harris was innocent? Hmm..

      But yeah, I’ve seen “Independance Day” more times than I’d care to mention. πŸ˜€ Speaking of which, I wonder whether we’ll ever see ‘aliens’ in Fringe (despite what the creators say)?

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  4. Moogly says


    Nice blog about Fringe and 1st comment for me.

    Two funny details:

    1/ “The Spirit of America” written on number plate of Dunham’s car.

    2/ “BURN” written on a trash can of Fringe department.
    (already noticed)

    3/ What’s that ? An “hidden” ad for Apple and its iPod ?? πŸ˜€

    Keep the work. Bye.

    Like: Thumb up 0

    • says

      Welcome Moogly πŸ˜€

      I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for the various number plates – I know that Mitchell had a “Starwars” (R2D2) shout-out on his plate.

      Good point about the iPod ‘product placement’. I wonder how much they paid to have their product in the show? ..or was this a freebie?

      Thanks for the screencaps!

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      • Moogly says

        Maybe it’s a freebie.
        Anyway in 1×12, we can see many products of Apple like the iPod of the first victim (on the left behind the screen) or the MacBook of Olivia and used by the daughter of her sister.

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  5. says

    Good point.
    We know for a fact that Ford sponsor Fringe, and receive a healthy dose of product placement, so perhaps Apple do as well. It certaintly looks that way after this latest episode.

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