1.10 Eastereggs & Clues Round-up – “Safe”

It’s been a long time, but like Aaliyah we couldn’t forget you – here’s our easteregg and clues round-up for Fringe episode 1.10 “Safe”:

Caught On Camera

1.10 Eastereggs & Clues - Safe
The Observer appears very early on in the episode – the first scene, in fact. He can be seen on the security monitor, seemingly observing the area surrounding the bank that Loeb and his men were raiding. You can chalk this one down as a ‘Pattern-event’ appearance.

1.10 Eastereggs & Clues - Safe
Some people have speculated that the symbol on Loeb’s men’s body suits might be a clue of some kind. Hate to be a party-pooper, but the symbol is actually the BodyGlove logo – a real life company who make body suits and swim gear.

House of the Damned
1.10 Eastereggs & Clues - Safe
This one is highly speculative. On the wall of Loeb’s hideout, there’s a face and the words/symbol “Rock * (symbol) in the House”. Could this be a shout-out to the video game Grand Theft Auto (GTA)? GTA is produced by the software ‘house’ “Rockstar“, and the game itself involves heists – similar to Loeb (and friends) role in this episode, specifically stealing Walter’s devices. As I said, it’s a long shot.

If this is to materialize into a ‘clue’ then it might to so in 1.11, as it could be the serial ‘next episode clue’.

The Philosophers Van
1.10 Eastereggs & Clues - Safe
Seen on the door of the van in the ‘Little Hill’ scene, Trevisanus Bros Estimators could refer to Bernard Trevisan:

He began his career as an alchemist at the age of fourteen. He had his family’s permission, as they also desired to increase their wealth. He first worked with a monk of Citeaux named Gotfridus Leurier. They attempted for eight years to the fashion the Philosopher’s stone out of hen eggshells and egg yolk purified in horse manure.
He then worked with minerals and natural salts using distillation and crystallization methods borrowed from Geber and Rhazes. When these failed he turned to vegetable and animal material, finally using human blood and urine. He gradually sold his wealth to buy secrets and hints towards the stone, most often from swindlers. He traveled all over the known world, including the Baltics, Germany, Spain, France, Vienna, Egypt, Palestine, Persia, Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus, to find hints left by past alchemists. His health had been deteriorating, most likely from the fumes he had created with his alchemy. He retired to the Island of Rhodes, still working on the Philosopher’s stone until his death in 1490.

This could allude to the idea that David Jones and his people have their sights on turning metal into gold, or perhaps their ultimate quest is that of immortality? Both alternatives seem ‘Fringe-like’.

Also, the symbol on the van is the same as this spotted on a van that George Morales runs past in Dreamscape:


Oh, and is that the infinity symbol in the centre? The immortality idea is looking promising..

Nice to See Blue Again

1.10 Eastereggs & Clues - Safe

The blue lights were in dazzling form yet again in this episode, specifically during Jones’ transportation from the German ‘science prison’. As I’ve said in previous ‘blue light’ posts, I think that these lights and the corresponding flares (sometimes horizontal, sometimes vertical) mean something – I think Jones’ travel through ‘space’ was another indication of that.

*Thanks to Fringe-Forum for one of the screencaps used in this post!

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