1.09 “The Dreamscape” Eastereggs & Clues Round-Up

 Our easteregg and clues round up for 1.09 “The Dreamscape”.

Too Young to Die

The scene of Mark Young falling to his death was awesome, but like most things it’s been done before. This “Watchmen” comparison visually looks like the closest parallel. “Who will watch the Watchmen?!” Heck, “Who will watch Massive Dynamic”? As we posited a few weeks back.

Blue Bell

Nothing major here, but after Mark Young falls to his death we can see that the Massive Dynamic central office is situated on Bell Plaza. Aww, Bellie has a street named in his honour. Also, take note of the blue light-effect.

Massive Observer

The Observer made it nine appearances out of nine, as he observed the soon to be hallucinating Mark Young. Perhaps most interesting is the fact that September managed to get inside the Massive Dynamic building, apparently unnoticed. Could it be that not everyone can observe the Observers presence? Sure, he’s been caught on candid camera, but a snap shot and real-time observation are two different mediums. Perhaps the viewers and Olivia are special in that we can see him when others cant. Yeah, we’re special.

As an aside, it’s worth pointing out that this surely isn’t Michael Cerveris. I’d guess that they’ve drafted in two look-alikeies to portray the Observer for the past two episodes.

Lost in Fringe

Bad Robot tip their hat to their other legendary TV show, “Lost”,with this nice little easteregg of an Oceanic Airlines ticket belonging to Mark Young. In case you don’t know (and you really should), Oceanic Airlines is the ill-fated (or destined?) airliner which crashed our Losties onto the Island. 

Some people have suggested that this signifies a Lost/Fringe cross-over, with Phillip Broyles and Matthew Abbadon being the same person. Dream on! As much as I love both shows, it’s not gonna happen. Lost is on ABC and Fringe is on Fox.  This isn’t Nina and Broyles – they’ll be no quid pro quo. It’s simply JJ. Abrams and co giving a shout out to one of their other productions, just like they did for “Alias” a couple of weeks back with the “Page 47” and the “Mr. Jones” /Mr Smith” references.

Fear not Lost and Fringe fans, we’ll still get to fangasm when both shows air within 24 hours of one another starting Jan 20. Sweetness.

Whatever The Casey May Be

In Mark Jones journal, the name “Dr. Peretti” is written. If you recall, one of the gravestones in “The Arrival” bore the name “Casey Peretti”. Coincidence? I think not. Even more interesting is the fact that Casey Peretti is buried on the same plot as Robert Bishop, who is possibly Walter’s father.

Anyway, the point is that we should be aware that the name Peretti means something.

Staggering Connections

Mark Young’s journal again: The words “Monarch” (which Olivia later deciphered as being George Morales phone number) is written in a very similar ‘staggered’ pattern as those which we observed in The Equation and The Arrival. See here if you don’t know what I’m referring to.

What does it mean? Frack knows, but it’s a pattern and it has now been observed, just in case it holds meaning for future episodes.

Finding Zeno

As Olivia’s laptop starts up, the word ZenoFX Multimedia (and ZenFX) pop up on the screen. Obviously this refers to a piece of software on Olivia’s computer. However, if you remember, “Zeno” is one of the oldest and most debated of all the Fringe clues. It was first seen on the kayak in Olivia’s dream-state (along with the aleph, blue flashes and green and red dots). I doubt that this is a coincidence as this is the 2nd appearance of the word Zeno.

As for what it means, well it could related to “ZFT” (the cell referenced in “Mr. Jones” and in this episode by George Morales). It should also be mentioned that Massive Dynamic have their own “Zeno”. With all that in mind, I’d venture to guess that Zeno has something to do with time-travel.

Napoleon Dynamite

Whilst Olivia runs search returns for “Monarchy”, one of the browsers opens up information on “L’Empereur” (referring to Napoleon’s ‘monarchy’). There’s also a 1989 turn-based strategy game called L’Empereur. This may be of interest to those who speculate that on some level Fringe might actually be a game.

Red? Meet Red

During Olivia’s “Monarchy” search, a nice comparison emerged between two strong red-headed and charismatic women of power. Elizabeth I and Nina Sharp. There’s no denying the obvious parallels, and more can be interpreted with the fact that both Elizabeth and Nina are known for their close association with two men named William (Cecil and Bell, respectively).

We could perhaps go the whole tilt and suggest that it’s Nina Sharp and not William Bell who is the real power house down at Massive Dynamic. “Who does she do?..Who doesn’t she do..”

Blue Dreams

The blue flashes have been absent for a few episodes but they came back in force during Olivia’s dream state. Anyone still thinking that they are only for styling needs to re-think that opinion.


Mark Young’s business card. Clearly Massive Dynamic want you to call them. Go on, give them a bell. You might also want to email Mark using m.young@massivedynamic.com (inset).

Burn After Reading

Someone asked me to include this. Clearly they’ve never seen the word “burn” on a bin before.

Double J Vision


Some people think that JJ made a cameo in this episode. I hope it isn’t him, Fringe is already twisty enough without the puppetmaster fracking with our heads even more!

Thanks to the Fringe-Forum community for some of the images used in this round-up.


  1. Chris says

    anyone notice the colours on the butterlfy wing which landed on marks hand? it was GREEN GEEN GREEN RED. check it out maybe add to eastereggs, with a screen shot.

    Also in the Screenshot with Bell Plaza. What about the sign Below on the light post, Does That say HILL Plaza??? LITTLE HILL, maybe Hill is a person connect to the pattern. maybe not a code word. LITTLE could mean Small=Boy or Child and Hill maybe the surname, just a thought.

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  2. Reezy says

    Right after you see the first observer, when they turn the corner, there’s another guy standing against the wall to the left in observer like fashion, only, this guy has hair…

    I’m not sure, and I don’t have any picture evidence, but for a second there, I was convinced that was David Easterbrook from “The Cure.”

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