1.08 “The Equation” Review

Here’s our short and to the point review of episode 1.08 “The Equation”.

The Good

  1. Excellent integration of the overarching storyline and mythological elements.
  2. The evolving relationship between Walter and Peter.
  3. The performances of John Noble and Joshua Jackson.
  4. All of the St. Claire’s scenes – particularly the discussions between Walter and Dash, Walter’s “visitor” and the Peter/Sumner face-off.
  5. Olivia’s life being put in danger – the fight between her and Joanne Ostler (could have been better, but it served it’s purpose. Also, girl fight – woohoo!).
  6. Dr. Sumner. An excellent addition. Potential for a deeper storyline there.


The Bad

  1. The lack of direction for Astrid – she was literally pointless in this episode, at least she helped out in last weeks episode.  Although the “Chachi” joke was appreciated, Astrid could be more than a Sideshow Bob.
  2. Broyles. He’s becoming a bit predictable with his “good job” and “See you in the morning” routines. At least last week shook his character up a bit. This is more an overall criticism, but we want to see more of Broyles, his motivations and personal views y’know? We take his social commentary from episode 1.07 on board – we don’t want everything now,but we do want to get to know this man. Bad Robot love putting Lance Reddick on the slow burn. Sheesh! 
  3. Olivia going into the heart of danger under prepared and on her own. OK, Charlie was there, but what happened to the other police guys that were doing the knock on doors routine? The SWAT scene from the other week was awesome. We get that Olivia is brave and dedicated, but she really needs to suffer some consequences for rushing head-first into danger. Sure, she got a few bruises from her fight with Ostler, but eventually the ramifications will have to be higher for it to be believable.  

Episode Rating: 7.5/10


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