1.07 ‘Mr. Jones’ Clues & Easteregg Round-Up

Easteregg and clues round-up for episode 1.07 “In Which We Meet Mr. Jones”:

Page 47 

Agent Loeb points to some information concerning his findings on page 47, this of course being a major shout-out to one of JJ. Abrams classic TV shows, Alias.

Socks To Be You

There appears to be a curious symbol or glyph on Broyles sock as he bends down to help the stricken agent Loeb. This could just be a pattern on his sock, or it could allude to some kind of corporate badge, as seen with the glyph worn by David Esterbrook in The Cure.

Air(port) Today, Gone Tomorrow

The Observer kept up his 100% episode appearance record, as he greeted Olivia’s arrival at Frankfurt airport. On this occasion he’s without his hat – could such little details be important? (Fringe-Forum have a list of his every movement to date).

A Christmas Carol

Possibly the clue to the next episode, A Christmas Carolwas among the things that Loeb ‘brought back with him from Germany’. The famous tale is one of greed and redemption, ghosts and spirits, past and future. As well as being a clue for the next episode, could this carry some hidden metaphor for our Fringies?

Glint Eastwood

The silver glint in Walter’s eye returned in this episode (inset from episode 4). There has been speculation on whether this is an intentional element added in post production, or whether it’s the result of cataract surgery. It would seem to be the later, but who knows.

Genius Lock-Up

The prison where the fantastic Mr. Jones was held was called Wissenschaft Prison, which means “Science Prison”. How apt.

The Mad Glatter

Olivia’s flight to Germany was by the ever-reliable Glatterflug Airlines – the same airline that was the target of the melting-jaw Pattern-event in the Pilot. It’s also worth pointing out that the airline is assisted by Massive Dynamic engines and auto-pilot landing system.

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