1.06 “The Cure” – Easteregg & Clues Round-Up

Eastereggs and Clues for episode 1.06 “The Cure”.

Heard it on The Grapevine 

On the left, one of Roy McComb’s drawings from “Ghost Network”. Roy’s altered brain overheard the plot to create radioactive weapons – 3 episodes later, his prediction, if you will, came true in the shape of Emily Kramer (right).

UPDATE: Caro in the comments has made a good observation. In Roy’s drawing, the woman is holding a gun, and it appears that she has used it to kill herself (see full image). This would therefore conflict with the idea that Roy’s drawing predicted the Emily Kramer incident in 1.06. However, it’s perhaps worth noting that Roy was only interpreting what he heard, he may have drawn the Emily Kramer event, but misinterpreted the exact nature of INtREPUS’ plot?

Medical Companies Love Giving Away Free Cups!

Top left: the coffee mug with the word “INtREPUS” was the “Power Hungry” (1.05) clue to this weeks episode, which introduced the INtREPUS pharmaceutical company. Various Latin and Romanian interpretations have INtREPUS to mean “to interfere” or “hot-blooded” – both of these meanings were established as being relevant to the episode, as INtREPUS attempted to create ‘radioactive’ human weapons, whilst Walter’s antidote ‘interferred’ with the radiation process, thus saving the life of Claire Williams.

It’s Not “A” S-ymbol Clue

The “A” symbol was first encountered on the kayak which appeared during Olivia’s synaptic transfer (dream state) with Agent Scott. The kayak belongs to her uncle and was also accompanied by the now infamous green and red dots. The “A” symbol was given substantial mythos-worthiness in 1.06, as it appeared throughout the episode in lapel-form on David Esterbrook’s jacket.

This is a complicated web, but it suggests that David/INtREPUS are part of a group or society that have connections to Olivia’s uncle. There are also time-travel connections with the ‘ZENO’ and ‘green/red dots’, which have history with Massive Dynamic and The Observer/Rouge, respectively. This thread over at Fringe-Forum offers more explanation.

Olivia Has A Stalker – And Not Just Her Step-dad

The Observer wasn’t at a “Pattern-event” this time, instead he was observing Olivia/Esterbrook. That’s six outta six.

Iso-top Quality Title Credits

Walter’s study of the isotopes found in Emily Kramer’s blood, resemble the ‘strands’ seen in the opening title credits. Nothing major, but it might give us some indication as to ‘what’ we’re looking at when the opening credits roll.

Build Me Up Buttercup? Err, No.

Olivia’s birthday card from her creepy stepfather had daisies on the cover. Daisies have a history in Fringe with both the viral campaign and Loraine Daisy from episode 1.02 “The Same Old Story”.


  1. Caro says

    While being a really cool connection, I don’t think that first cap is entirely accurate. If you look at this cap:

    this woman appears to be holding a gun to her chin.

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  2. says

    Good point Caro, the woman does appear to be using the gun to kill herself. I’ve updated the post.

    I do wonder though, we know that Roy’s ‘rabbit/duck’ interpretation of the voices on the ‘ghost network’ were only a ‘best fit’ approximation – could he have been drawing the Kramer incident but misterpreted the exact nature of the GN discussions? Perhaps drawing the gun in the picture because that’s how he assumed the girl would be committing suicide?

    It’s a stretch, I’ll admit.

    I’m also wondering what your observation means for Walter’s episode six lab notes, as they included Roy’s drawing, as if to link the two aspects.

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  3. Caro says

    I did not notice it in the lab notes. It’s very interesting. Could it have something to do with the Observer not being there? Probably not, but you’re most likely right about the drawings being a “best fit”

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  4. says

    Could it have something to do with the Observer not being there?

    I’m not sure. It’s possible that the Observer’s presence [or lack of] might alter events, although I’m not sure how that would tally? Still, it’s something to consider.

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  5. says

    On the topic of Roy’s drawing… Perhaps it has something to do with Dr Patel’s suicide? He’s holding the gun to his to his throat instead of the two more common places, by the ear or through the mouth.
    Perhaps there’s some kind of symbolism in there, like: He died because be was partly responsible for her death.

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