1.05 Power Hungry Review

Here’s our short and sweet ‘Good and Bad’ review for episode 1.05 “Power Hungry”.

The Good:

1). Great music – the show is sounding more like LOST now and that’s never a bad thing.

2). Olivia – this was a fairly Olivia centric episode with Peter and Walter seeming to have less screen time than in previous episodes. Whilst we love the Bishop boys, we also love Olivia who is so committed to getting what she wants, but she’s not a hard-ass, she’s got a nice way about her and genuinely wants to help others whilst trying to figure out where she fits in all of the madness around her. We’re slowly becoming invested in her.

3). Walter. He seemed to have less screen time in this episode but there are three scenes in this episode which we just love. The first one is the ‘wool socks’ moment, when he does his shuffle dance only to shock Peter (LOL). Then there was his sheer childish enthusiasm over his pigeon plan coming to fruition, and finally the scene where he almost remembered Astrid’s name. Maybe next week?

4).The clues and eastereggs. I love the way in which each episode has at least one intentionally hidden clue which relates to the next episode. Not only are the characters in show working on ‘the pattern’, but the avid viewers are too. It’s this kind of interactivity and viewer involvement that set’s Abrams shows apart from the rest of TV land.

5). John Scott – it’s good to have him back and I like where they could go with this storyline. His return has also allowed us to see more depth and emotion from Olivia.

6). The Observer – YAY! I want his hat.

7). No Massive Dynamic (apart from a poster) and the episode still has a sense of mystery and mythology.

8). The opening and closing 5 minutes of this episode (and every episode so far) dazzled.

The Bad

1). Most of us here feel that the episodic format held the episode back from being what it could have been. Whilst we really rate this episode, it’s clear that a more serialized approach would give the show better continuity and more depth.

2).Astrid still feels like a bit of a spare wheel at times, although we like the character as she brings a youthful vibe and optimism to the team, she doesn’t actually do very much does she? Sometimes it feels like what she does do is simply for the sake of giving her something to do. Also, I wasn’t best pleased to see that she had already forgiven Walter for injecting her in the previous episode – which, according to references made in the episode, was only the day before. So in the space of 24 hours, Astrid’s only sign of resentment towards Walter for injecting her, was to snap at him about his beloved pigeons being “rats with wings”. Yeah, that’ll teach him for injecting you! Either she must have a reeeal soft spot for Walter or she’s a bit of a push over. That said, who doesn’t have a soft spot for Walter, and we do like Jasika Nicole.

3).It seems that every episode ends with Olivia chasing someone and Peter sneaking up on someone. Sure she’s an FBI agent and he never does what he’s told, but the writers have to mix the formula up a little bit – and let there be consequences for chasing after people. Remember the season two finale of LOST, when stubborn Jack and company went after “The Others”? They got caught owned and were taken prisoner (Muahaha!) – although not everyone enjoyed the following six episodes, it did open up a whole new direction for the show and reminded us that you don’t go chasing after what you don’t understand and always expect to come out on top!

Overall rating: 8/10 (probably closer to 7.5, but overall this was probably the second best episode so far and we can’t rate it lower than the others). Our main problems relate to the sometimes predictable format and the episodic nature of the show. The show is definitely cooking on gas but we feel that it could be even better with some slight adjustments. Wow, I sound like Jacob Fischer, Eek!


  1. Page 48 says

    The ‘Astrid Forgives Walter’ thing was glaring. It’s as if the episodes were written out of sequence or something. Reminds me of an episode of the brutal “Bionic Woman” where Jaime put Isaiah Washington’s character (can’t recall the name) in the hospital in Paraguay following a difference of opinion over the handling of a mission. The following episode had the 2 working together as if nothing had ever happened. No tension, no sniping, not even his arm in a sling. This is another thing I dislike about stand-alone episodes, nothing from one week matters next week.

    Astrid needs a storyline. She needs to get kidnapped, shot, poisoned, implanted with a gizmo, hypnotized, transferred, transported, promoted, doubled, cloned, or maybe even laid. If this was “Alias”, she would have been exposed as a Russian agent by now. They have the character, they need to use her for something other than one-liners about homing pigeons. It’s not much wonder Walter can’t remember her name from one week to the next. I have trouble myself.

    It’s also time they gave us something more substantial about the people behind “The Pattern”, their motives, their objectives, etc…Sure, we have a cylinder that shoots down through the earth, but is that it? Where did it go, did it blow a hole in China? A few answers, please. For all we know, “The Pattern” could be nothing more than some troubled high school dropout who got a hold of Walter’s playbook and fleshed out a few of his funky experiments. Don’t make us wait 5 seasons to get a clue about what’s going on. Broyles has lots of time on his hands, let him give us a briefing. He can use PowerPoint talking points if he wants to.

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  2. says

    It’s quite bizarre isn’t it. I’m totally with you on the “BW” example, that actually made me laugh because that show had a terrible lack of continuity!

    Good work on the possible Astrid storylines! But it’s true, something needs to happen to shake her into action. I used to have a suspicion that she was working undercover for Nina or something, but so far that’s looking less and less likely! I’d love her to be unearthed as being a spy though, that would give me more faith in the direction of the character.

    I would also like to learn more about the people behind the pattern. So far they’ve been pretty face-less, or rather, voice-less. That was also one of the problems with “BW” if I remember correctly. I love the Pattern set-up and the mystery surrounding it, but I think they need a recurring ‘villain’ to give us a bit more understanding as to why they are using science in this way. They have The Observer, but he’s more the silent-type, and I don’t think he’s a villain per se. I’m willing to wait on this one though, as they seem to be building towards offering more answers as we progress through the season.

    LOL on Broyles! 😀

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  3. Page 48 says

    BW was a disaster, in part because of precisely the fact that there was no competing organization/adversary. They were more like “Dog The Bounty Hunter” going after the weekly purse-snatcher or whatever. In other words, no direction whatsoever.

    With “Alias”, we knew who the evil-doers were: SD-6, K-Directorate, The Alliance, etc… They had faces in Arvin Sloane, Ana Espinoza, etc…With “Fringe”, we know Massive Dynamic has their fingerprints on just about everything, but are they good or evil? We know they are shadowy, but evil? We know there is a Pattern, but to what end is it playing out and could we not benefit from seeing their Arvin Sloane each week (every once in a while at least), if they even have one?

    I don’t get the impression that the Observer is necessarily evil, either. He didn’t come across that way to me.

    One thing that troubles me, and I’m sure it gets back to trying to produced self-contained shows, is that there is a lack of follow-up. Like the guy who was tailing Peter at the restaurant. What up with that guy? Where did the earth-boring cylinder go? What were the consequences of that? I would like to see a more continuous thread running through each episode, a building of momentum. We know Walter is great at science, but who is following Peter and why? That’s of more interest to me.

    Astrid? I still think there is a dark side to her that we haven’t seen yet. Gotta be. It goes back to the theme which “Alias” never abandoned, “trust no-one”.

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  4. says

    “Disaster” is the right word. I wanted to love that Bionic Woman, I thought that I would but ultimately it was a car-wreck of a show. Your points are spot on IMO – there was zero direction and even when it did get ‘good’ (I think it was episode 5, the sniper episode that induced some excitement??) it failed to follow up on any of it.

    Indeed! MD are shadowy but that doesn’t mean they are evil. I don’t mind them stringing-out the MD thing, but in the mean-time it would be nice to have more clarity on the other folks we come into contact with.

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with the “more continuous thread” part – As I’ve just posted in my article, this is what the show needs to start having more of. In my opinion, if they can get this aspect right, then they will have a heck of a show on their hands for the long-run.

    I hope you’re right with Astrid – it would be a great character turn if she did something unexpectated. Like forget the close the fridge door properly. Anything really!

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